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What should I wear?

You can wear any type of fitness clothes – think comfortable and cool

As for shoes, dance fitness trainers without big grips are good for Broadway Boogie, perhaps something with a little more support for The Jungle Body and Totally Shredded. However, just starting out make sure you come in trainers that give you good support

VeraFlow is best barefoot or using pilates/yoga socks.

I am a complete novice, is it for me?

Everyone has to start somewhere. There are classes to suit everyone, young old and in-between. Those starting on their fitness journey to fitness freaks! If you want a fun friendly class then YES!

Which class is for me?

If you love to dance choose Broadway Boogie. Mix dance with boxing squats and floor tracks, want to tone try The Jungle Body Mash Up with BURN. Want to sweat and work hard with HIIT and Combat - try Totally Shredded

What should I bring?

To all classes bring plenty of water to drink and a sweat towel . 

The Jungle Body Class you need an exercise mat or large towel, dumbbells (1.5, 2 or 2.5kg) and a resistance band.

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